Trade shows serve as an invaluable platform for artists and sculptors to showcase their creativity and talent to a diverse audience. However, the transportation of delicate and valuable art pieces presents unique challenges that require specialized expertise. As a leading trade show shipping company, EXPOLOGISTICS recognizes the significance of preserving artistic integrity during transit. In this blog, we will delve into the complexities of shipping art and sculpture exhibits and the expert solutions offered by EXPOLOGISTICS to ensure the safe and seamless delivery of these precious creations.

1. Customized Crating and Packaging

  • Challenge: Art and sculptures demand precise crating and packaging solutions to prevent damage during transit.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS designs custom crates and packages using protective materials, such as foam padding and shock-absorbent materials, tailored to the specific dimensions and fragility of each piece.

2. Climate Control and Temperature Monitoring

  • Challenge: Art and sculptures are susceptible to temperature and humidity changes that may affect their integrity.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS offers climate-controlled shipping options, providing temperature monitoring throughout transit to maintain optimal conditions for preserving artwork.

3. Secure Transportation

  • Challenge: Ensuring the security and safety of valuable art pieces during transportation is of utmost importance.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS employs GPS tracking and strict security measures to safeguard art exhibits throughout their journey, minimizing the risk of theft or loss.

4. Handling Fragile Materials

  • Challenge: Art and sculptures often feature delicate and fragile materials that demand careful handling.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS deploys experienced professionals trained in the handling of delicate artworks, minimizing the risk of breakage or damage during transit.

5. Insurance Coverage

  • Challenge: Standard shipping insurance may not fully cover the value of priceless art and sculptures.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS provides comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the specific value of each art piece, ensuring complete coverage against any unforeseen events.

6. Documentation and Customs Compliance

  • Challenge: International art shipping requires meticulous documentation and adherence to customs regulations.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS assists in preparing all necessary shipping documentation and ensures compliance with international customs procedures, simplifying the clearance process.

7. Coordination with Art Galleries and Exhibitors

  • Challenge: Exhibiting art pieces often involves coordination with galleries and exhibitors at the destination.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS collaborates with art galleries and exhibitors to coordinate delivery and installation schedules, ensuring a seamless transition from shipping to exhibition.

8. Disassembly and Reassembly

  • Challenge: Some sculptures may require disassembly for safe transit and reassembly at the destination.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS provides skilled professionals to disassemble and reassemble sculptures, preserving their structural integrity throughout the process.

9. Handling Oversized Artworks

  • Challenge: Oversized sculptures may pose transportation challenges due to their dimensions.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS specializes in handling oversized artworks, utilizing specialized equipment and transportation solutions for safe and efficient delivery.

10. Post-Event Storage and Return Shipping

  • Challenge: Art and sculptures often require post-event storage or return shipping.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS offers secure storage options and return shipping services, ensuring the safe return of art pieces to their origin or to the desired location.


Trade show shipping for art and sculpture exhibits demands meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the unique challenges involved. EXPOLOGISTICS is committed to preserving the creativity and artistic integrity of these valuable creations during transit. By offering customized crating, climate-controlled shipping, secure transportation, and comprehensive insurance coverage, EXPOLOGISTICS ensures that art and sculpture exhibits arrive at their destination in pristine condition. With their expertise in handling delicate materials and compliance with international customs regulations, EXPOLOGISTICS stands as the ideal shipping partner for artists and sculptors seeking to share their creativity with the world.

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