Trade shows are a prime platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand to a wide audience. As companies seek to stand out from the competition, unconventional exhibit designs are gaining popularity. While these innovative displays can create a lasting impression, they also present unique challenges during the shipping process. As a leading trade show shipping company, EXPOLOGISTICS understands the intricacies of handling unconventional exhibit designs and offers tailored solutions to ensure a smooth shipping experience. In this blog, we will explore the challenges faced with shipping non-traditional exhibits and the expert solutions provided by EXPOLOGISTICS.

1. Unconventional Shapes and Sizes

  • Challenge: Non-standard shapes and sizes of exhibit designs can make packing and transportation complex.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS employs experienced professionals skilled in handling diverse exhibit shapes. They use custom-made crates and packaging solutions to protect and secure unique structures during transit.

2. Fragile Materials and Delicate Elements

  • Challenge: Unconventional exhibits often include fragile materials and delicate elements, increasing the risk of damage during shipping.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS carefully selects appropriate packing materials, such as foam inserts and cushioning, to safeguard delicate components and prevent breakage during transportation.

3. Weight and Volume Restrictions

  • Challenge: Some unconventional exhibits may exceed weight and volume restrictions set by carriers, leading to higher shipping costs.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS collaborates with clients to optimize exhibit designs without compromising their uniqueness, ensuring compliance with shipping restrictions and cost-effectiveness.

4. Assembly and Dismantling Complexity

  • Challenge: Unconventional exhibits may have complex assembly and dismantling processes, requiring skilled labor on-site.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS coordinates with on-site staff to manage exhibit setup and dismantling, providing specialized expertise to ensure smooth handling.

5. Shipping Insurance Coverage

  • Challenge: Standard shipping insurance may not fully cover the value of unique and expensive unconventional exhibits.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS offers comprehensive shipping insurance packages tailored to the specific value of each exhibit, providing complete coverage during transit.

6. Customs Clearance

  • Challenge: Unconventional exhibits may face scrutiny during customs clearance due to their uniqueness, potentially leading to delays.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS handles all necessary documentation and provides pre-clearance services, facilitating smooth customs processes for unconventional exhibits.

7. Multiple Destinations and Tours

  • Challenge: Exhibits traveling to multiple destinations or participating in tours require meticulous planning and coordination.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS designs efficient shipping schedules and provides real-time tracking, ensuring timely delivery to various locations while adhering to tour schedules.

8. Environmental Impact

  • Challenge: Certain unconventional materials may not align with eco-friendly shipping practices, raising environmental concerns.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS offers guidance on sustainable materials and packaging solutions, helping clients make environmentally responsible choices without compromising exhibit integrity.

9. Budget Management

  • Challenge: Shipping unique exhibits can lead to unpredictable costs, impacting budget planning.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS works closely with clients to develop transparent and well-defined shipping budgets, enabling better financial planning for the entire event.

10. Post-Event Storage and Reuse

  • Challenge: Storing and reusing non-traditional exhibits between events may require specialized storage solutions.
  • Solution: EXPOLOGISTICS provides secure storage options for exhibits, ensuring their preservation for future use and reducing shipping costs in the long term.


Unconventional exhibit designs offer businesses an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees. However, they also present unique challenges during the shipping process. By partnering with a reputable trade show shipping company like EXPOLOGISTICS, businesses can overcome these challenges and enjoy a seamless shipping experience. The expert solutions provided by EXPOLOGISTICS, including custom packing, meticulous planning, and comprehensive insurance coverage, ensure that unconventional exhibits arrive at their destination in perfect condition. With EXPOLOGISTICS as their trusted shipping partner, businesses can confidently showcase their creativity and innovation on the trade show floor, knowing that their unique exhibits are in capable hands.

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