The arts and entertainment industry is renowned for its creativity, innovation, and captivating exhibits that leave a lasting impression on attendees. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a theatrical performance, a music festival, or a film showcase, transporting these unique and valuable assets to trade shows requires careful planning and specialized shipping solutions. At EXPOLOGISTICS, we understand the distinct requirements of the arts and entertainment industry, and we take pride in offering creative considerations for seamless trade show shipping. In this blog post, we will explore the key factors and challenges involved in shipping for the arts and entertainment industry and how EXPOLOGISTICS delivers tailor-made solutions.

1. Artwork and Fragile Exhibits

Packaging Perfection: Art pieces and fragile exhibits demand special attention when it comes to packaging. Custom crates and cushioning are essential to ensure safe transit and protection against any potential damage.

EXPOLOGISTICS Expertise: Our skilled team excels in creating custom crating solutions that provide the utmost care for valuable artwork and delicate exhibits, ensuring they reach their destination intact.

2. Lighting and Audiovisual Equipment

Safety and Security: Lighting and audiovisual equipment require secure packaging and handling to prevent any mishaps during transit.

EXPOLOGISTICS Handling: We implement specialized procedures to securely pack and transport lighting and audiovisual equipment, offering peace of mind to our clients in the arts and entertainment industry.

3. Stage Props and Set Pieces

Custom Solutions: Stage props and set pieces can be bulky and uniquely shaped, requiring custom solutions for efficient shipping.

EXPOLOGISTICS Tailoring: Our team is skilled in designing custom shipping solutions to accommodate the specific dimensions and requirements of stage props and set pieces, optimizing space and ensuring hassle-free transport.

4. Time-Sensitive Logistics

Punctuality Matters: The arts and entertainment industry often revolves around tight schedules, making on-time delivery a critical factor.

EXPOLOGISTICS Timely Deliveries: We are committed to meeting deadlines and providing timely deliveries, ensuring that exhibits are ready for their grand showcase.

5. Touring Exhibitions

Tour Logistics: For touring exhibitions that move from one location to another, coordination and logistics play a vital role in a smooth and successful journey.

EXPOLOGISTICS Tour Support: We offer comprehensive tour support, coordinating logistics for multiple destinations, and providing real-time tracking to ensure a seamless touring experience.

6. International Exhibitions

Global Reach: International exhibitions in the arts and entertainment industry require efficient customs clearance and adherence to international shipping regulations.

EXPOLOGISTICS Global Expertise: With our extensive global network, we are well-equipped to handle international shipping requirements, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.


At EXPOLOGISTICS, we recognize the importance of creative considerations when it comes to shipping for the arts and entertainment industry. Our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of this dynamic industry, ensuring that exhibits, artwork, equipment, and props are transported with utmost care and precision. Whether it’s a local art exhibition or a global entertainment tour, our expertise in trade show shipping for the arts and entertainment industry allows us to provide a seamless experience for our clients. Choose EXPOLOGISTICS as your trusted partner for creative and reliable trade show shipping solutions that leave your audiences awe-inspired.

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