Trade shows are essential opportunities for businesses to showcase their products, connect with potential clients, and make a lasting impression on the industry. For exhibitors, the success of these events heavily relies on the safe and secure transportation of valuable exhibits to the venue. Ensuring the security and safety of these exhibits during shipping is paramount. This is where a trusted trade show shipping company like EXPOLOGISTICS becomes indispensable. In this blog, we will explore the best practices for shipping valuable exhibits, prioritizing their security and safety, and how EXPOLOGISTICS excels in providing top-notch trade show shipping solutions.


Before we delve into the best practices, let’s understand why EXPOLOGISTICS stands out as the preferred choice for trade show shipping:

  1. Experienced Trade Show Specialists: EXPOLOGISTICS has a team of experienced trade show specialists who understand the unique logistics requirements of exhibitions, ensuring secure and efficient transportation of valuable exhibits.
  2. Comprehensive Range of Services: From transportation and packing to storage and on-site support, EXPOLOGISTICS offers a comprehensive suite of services to cater to every aspect of trade show logistics.
  3. Global Reach and Network: With an extensive network of partners and agents worldwide, EXPOLOGISTICS can efficiently handle trade show shipping for both domestic and international events.
  4. Advanced Security Measures: EXPOLOGISTICS employs advanced security measures and tracking systems to ensure the safety and visibility of valuable exhibits during shipping.


Shipping valuable exhibits requires careful planning and adherence to best practices to avoid any potential risks or damages. Here are essential best practices to ensure the security and safety of valuable exhibits:

1. Conduct a Thorough Inventory

Before shipping, create a detailed inventory of all exhibits and their accompanying materials. This inventory will serve as a reference point during packing and unpacking to ensure that nothing is lost or misplaced.

2. Use Customized Packing Solutions

Valuable exhibits require specialized packing solutions to protect them during transit. Work closely with your trade show shipping company to create custom packing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each exhibit.

3. Secure All Shipments

Ensure that all shipments are properly secured with seals and locks to prevent tampering or unauthorized access during transit. Discuss security measures with your trade show shipping company to implement the best possible safeguards.

4. Consider Insurance Coverage

Obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for your valuable exhibits. This provides additional protection in case of unforeseen incidents or damages during shipping.

5. Utilize Advanced Tracking Systems

Choose a trade show shipping company that offers advanced tracking systems. Real-time tracking ensures that you can monitor the progress of your shipments and receive updates on their location and status.

6. Partner with Experienced Handlers

Select a trade show shipping company with a proven track record in handling valuable exhibits. Experienced handlers understand the sensitivity of such shipments and take extra precautions to ensure their safety.


By choosing EXPOLOGISTICS as your trade show shipping partner, you can enjoy a range of benefits:

  1. Peace of Mind: With EXPOLOGISTICS handling your trade show logistics, you can focus on preparing for the event and engaging with potential clients, knowing that your valuable exhibits are in capable hands.
  2. Top-Notch Security Measures: EXPOLOGISTICS employs advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your valuable exhibits throughout the shipping process.
  3. Timely and Reliable Delivery: EXPOLOGISTICS ensures that your exhibits reach the venue on time and in pristine condition, ready for a successful exhibition.
  4. Global Reach: Whether your event is local or international, EXPOLOGISTICS’ global network ensures that your shipments reach their destination safely and securely.


Ensuring the security and safety of valuable exhibits during shipping is crucial for a successful trade show experience. By following best practices and partnering with a trusted trade show shipping company like EXPOLOGISTICS, you can rest assured that your valuable exhibits are in safe hands. Their experienced team, comprehensive services, global reach, and advanced security measures make EXPOLOGISTICS the ideal choice for businesses seeking top-notch trade show shipping solutions. Ship your valuable exhibits with confidence and make a lasting impact at your next trade show with EXPOLOGISTICS as your dedicated trade show shipping partner.

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